Verified By GS1

Trust & Efficiency Start With a Valid ID

Verified By GS1

Verified by GS1 builds trust between retailers, brand owners and consumers leading to more sales, less returns and less counterfeit products. The ultimate benefit is greater efficiency because information in retailer catalogues is based on correct product identity.

The Verified By GS1 initiative empowers brands to take control over their product identification in a verifiable and transparent manner. By eliminating incorrect and misleading product data, a higher level trust can be attained between retailers, brands and consumers. GS1 global has provided the framework for this initiative so members of all GS1 local offices can participate. In the US, brand owners can now enter expanded product data into the GS1 Data Hub enabling potential trading partners to validate 6 key attributes for each GTIN.  

The 6 Verified by GS1 attributes are:

  • Brand name
  • Product Description
  • Product image URL
  • GS1 Global Product Classification
  • Net content and unit of measure
  • Target market
Due to the complexity of some of the mandatory Verified by GS1 attributes, many US manufacturers rely on the GS1 Barcode Support from Bar Code Graphics for assistance. For example, the Global Product Classification attribute can be quite daunting.

Please view the video below for an overview: